005 // TO GRAVIT AND SYMMET... LP // all city (ireland)

1 // Fine
2 // The Streets Where We Live
3 // I Dig Digital Eruptions
4 // My Talkin Machine

5 // No One Else
6 // Charge It Up To My Account
7 // Kneedeep Into Intravision

8 // Das ANNO STAMM Theme
9 // The Cities I Waltzed Through
10 // Don't You

11 // Sensing Social Sirens
12 // Done

Bold and imaginative killer Techno album

There's a great variety of moods and grooves on the To Gravit & Symmeth We Ryth LP (what a tongue twister!) such as the low slung acid of "The Streets Where We Live", the retro bleep techno of "Charge It Up To My Account" or "The Cities I Waltzed Through". Or there's just straight up deep house of the most sublime kind on "Sensing Social Sirens".

With a wickedly confounding title to match his music, To Gravit And Symmet We Rhyth revealsa surreal and twisted imagination sourcing from Chicago, classic IDM, and a kind of unhindered post-punk/NDW logic to make some of thee strangest Teutonic dance music out there.

It really won’t be for everyone, but if the idea of Mouse on Mars duelling with Africans With Mainframes and mid ‘90s AFX appeals to you, this album might be right up your strasse.

The guiding vibe is gloopy toytown acid techno, as exemplified by ‘The Streets Where We Live’ and ‘Kneedeep Into Intravision’, while ‘My Talking Machine’ and ‘Das Anno Stamm Theme’ make wonderful use of Daft Punk-style vocoder effects. With its crunchy drums and synth noodling, ‘The Cities I Waltzed Through’ could easily be on Planet Mu, and ‘Sensing Social Sirens’ takes a gorgeous left turn with lush synths, a steady heartbeat pulse and gentle bass ripples.

Structured double pack from Anno Stamm designed as both a collection of singular parts which work on the dancefloor and blurring together for a coherent full length home stereo listening. Throbbing acid and techno, all with a melodic sense..

004 // NO ONE ELSE E.P // all city (ireland)

A1 // No One Else


B1 // Charge It Up To My Account

B2 // Sensing Social Sirens

Unmistakenly Anstam prod. killer Techno/House hybrid tracks

Anno Stamm returns to All City with a new record that spans a few different flavours, leading in with the primal thump and lurid synth work of “No One Else”. “Charge It Up To My Account” meanwhile takes a gleeful pleasure in decorating thuddy techno with a most delirious line in arpeggios. It’s up to “Sensing Social Sirens” to cool things down with a sensuous take on deep house, demonstrating an impressive depth and diversity to this never-dull artist.

Anno Stam is the preferred moniker for the funkiest exploits of Anstam’s Lars Stöwe on Dublin’s All City label. His follow-up to the Fragments A single in 2013 follows a similarly wonky course thru the zig-zagging, Chicagoan jack of No One Else whereas the B-side cuts left into a shuddering sort of no wave acid donk with Charge it to My Account and the pastoral IDM tone of Sensing Social Sirens recalls the warmest moments.

All City carry the Acid techno flame with this swinging three-tracker of Elektroids bounce and post-Drex weird. One for those with a Bangface. This is the second outing on the label for Berlin’s Anno Stamm (aka Anstam / Lars Stoewe, previous on Monkeytown). This being All City, jazz and groove is not forgotten amongst the scrawling Acid lines and rugged rhythms, especially the sweet ‘Sensing Social Sirens’ - a delicate Boogie-infected analogue jam in the AFX mould….

The No One Else EP for All City, produced as Anno Stamm, delivers just such a selection of morsels. Much like an indulgent prog epic, the tracks push at the boundaries of good taste as they probe the limits of their chosen forms. You're left entertained, and wondering whether it all went too far. .

003 // AQUA LEMON PEEL VIOLET // macro (germany)

A1 // Night Out With Therese

A2 // Aqua Lemon Peel Violet


B1 // That Kid From Newport

B2 // Orkestra Lunitizia

Anno Stamms four contributions here are bringing a highly desired emotional depth to the cutting edge side of house music, while pushing the envelope in radical beat science simultaneously. Anstams razor-sharp rhythms are melded into warm, bodily grooves while theres an angular harmonic layer granting for goosebumps on the dancefloor. rich in details, twisted and straight to the point.

Lars Stöwe returns to his Anno Stamm moniker for his first EP on berlin-based Macro Recordings: with the hard stomping techno on the Aqua / Lemon Peel / Violet EP, he takes his uncompromising sound to the next level. it’s the bold production and his emphasis on the beat that make the friendliest harmonies sound intriguingly scary.

outstanding killer psychedelic techno cuts!

Techno release on the experimental side. more oriented on creating soundscapes than on creating banging rhythms (not that the banging rhythms are lacking).

002 // MY PEOPLES HEAD // meakusma (belgium)

A1 // My Peoples Head

A2 // New Age Advisor


B1 // I Changed My Mind

B2 // We'll Be In Touch

avant-techno centred project !

here are four tracks that pay homage to berlin's techno roots. just as much well-timed as 'out of time', these four tracks are underground slabs of raw but sophisticated, daftly funky techno power!

Anstam's straighter techno alter ego arrives on belgium's excellent Meakusma label with four dancefloor constructions after an ace 12" for All City. My Peoples Head dives into darkside xanax tech-step xones and New Age Advisor rolls with moody midnight gait like some woozier c2 track. at his freakiest, I Changed My Mind mashes powedered jungle breaks and demented harpsichord to a pumping 4/4, and We'll Be In Touch drops splashy, offset techno rhythms etched with odd, cranky, heatsick electronics.

der zweite release unter Lars Stöwes neuem pseudonym wattiert die fordernde weitsicht des molligen maschinenfunks auf vier tracks, die nur so vor chrome strotzen, blitzen und bleepen. verworren und mysteriös in der ausarbeitung, barock-perkussiv im abgang und vorne immer die zukunft. New Age Advisor ist so ein track, in dem die gate-signale einer ganzen drumcomputer-armee auf die streicher einstürzen und diese kleinteiligen verhakelungen in alle winde zerstreuen. oder We’ll Be In Touch, ein zitternd sprotzendes freejazz-monster mit echter frosch-bassline und auf meterhohem reverb gebetteten beats. bei so viel evolution steht einem die trunkenheit im seitenkanal noch besser.

Anstam exercises his Anno Stamm moniker for a straight-edged techno release on belgian’s mighty Meakusma. the title cut emerges as a swaggering beast, lurching from side to side with distorted tech verve, whilst New Age Advisor rattles around more subtly. I Changed My Mind cuts a spidery south asian sounding twang and finally, We’ll Be In Touch throws a warped didgeridoo of a synth over burial-like percussive hits.

Lars Stöwes bisher kantigste platte. stark!

001 // FRAGMENTS A // all city records (ireland)

A1 // I Still Have the Photographs


B1 // Purple Clouds

B2 // A Triangular Patch of Lip

there's a particular strain of intense skull-sawing techno that german artist Lars Stöwe, aka Anstam could probably churn out in his sleep, but I Still Have the Photographs finds him particularly clear-eyed, as if he's just awoken from a rejuvenating nap

exceptional prod. killer house tracks - TIP!

a throbbing techno with wickedly skewiff melodic dissonance on I Still Have The Photographs, and tumbling breakbeat rave essence in the glorious AFXian qualities of Purple Clouds, whilst A Triangular Patch of Lip knuckles down to bruising, whipsmart industrial 4/4 sounding like Blawan-meets-Autechre, taps-aff in a smoke-filled basement. recommended!

the prevailing mood is dark and muck-caked, though the bright daubs of colour that Stöwe tends to favour are never far away. I Still Have The Photographs is cavernous but stumbling, with great slabs of distorted bass constantly nudging the beat. so far, so charcoal industrial techno—but the chords that appear in the breakdown are verging on hands-in-the-air material. A Triangular Patch Of Lip works within a similar template, but its whipcrack snares and claps are even more satisfying.

it’s an odd set: Purple Clouds sets detuned AFX synths over some shattered drum programming, whereas Triangular Patch Of Lip hovers somewhere between Blawan’s pneumatic stomp and Jam City’s frazzled funk.

if Autechre or Aphex Twin would be regular Berghain ravers, maybe their music would sound like this.